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:(1St   International Conference of Responsible Citizen (ICRC 

Al-Amr-o bel-Ma’roof wa Nnah-yo anel-Monkar

 Islamic AzadUniversity, Khorasgan (Isfahan) Branch

 November, 2011


The 1St International Conference of Responsible Citizen (ICRC): Aamre be Ma'ruf va Nahye az Monkar will be held at Islamic Azad University, Khorasgan Branch, March, 2011.  ICRC meeting focus on Al-Amr-o bel-Ma’roof wa Nnah-yo anel-Monkar. The conference will feature keynote speeches, papers

:and poster sessions on the following topics



a)      Conception: Legal , fighe , philosophic , psychology , sociology , political and education of sciences conception of Al-Amr-o bel-Ma’roof wa Nnah-yo anel-Monkar. 

b)       Theoretical Foundations:  Features, dimensions and realm of Al-Amr-o bel-Ma’roof wa Nnah-yo anel-Monkar. 



a)      Conceptual change (discussion)

_ in Thoughts and Thoughtful (Intellectual) in Humanism, Rationalism and Feminism.

_ Naturalism in Islamic thought.

b)      In Behavioral basis

_ behaviors in Islamic and western country

_ change in behavior(e.g.):

Family, social and sovereign relationships.



Submission of papers: Prospective authors are invited to submit full-length, four-page papers, including figures and references, to the ICRC Technical Committee. All ICRC papers will be handled and reviewed electronically. The paper must be send via


Important Dates
21July. 2011
 Deadline of paper Submission
August. 2011  Notification of paper acceptance
November.2011  Conference day


:Contact us


Address: Islamic AzadUniversity, Khorasgan (Isfahan) Branch, Isfahan, Iran


Tellfax: +98-311-5354033



Welcome to Isfahan: well-known for its architectural wonders and public gardens. Much now lies in ruins, but still a lot is preserved or has been restored. One of several landmarks of Esfahan is the former royal mosque, now Masjd-e Imam, from the 17th century, one of the best examples of Persian architecture. Other landmarks are the 17th century bridges, unique with their arches.



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